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Our Purpose:

To positively transform the lives of the aging population through innovative healthcare solutions.

Our Mission:

To establish SilverStay as the most trusted healthcare services company nationwide for complex patient discharges by 2030.



Client Champion + Head of Hospital Contracts

"I received my Master's of Science in Health Promotion and have worked in various healthcare settings over the last 10 years. SilverStay is doing incredible work to ensure the aging population has the access and care they deserve as they transition from home to their next level of care. SilverStay leads from a place of empathy and individualized care and it is an honor to be a part of the team!"



Transitions Manager

"I am a licensed social worker with years of experience working in an acute care setting. At a time where many patients and families experience a great amount of fear and uncertainty, we are the guide to a safe transition to the appropriate level of care. I am devoted to the population that we serve and feel strongly that SilverStay is helping to fill such an important area of need."



Process Improvement Manager

"I am a licensed social worker with 10 years of experience working with older adults in long term care settings as well as hospice and palliative care. My passion is assisting medically complex older adults and their families, and navigating the challenges associated with transitioning to different levels of care. I am thrilled to be a part of the SilverStay team to take the stress off families and provide safe and appropriate transitions for their loved ones."



Transitions Specialist

"I am currently studying Social Work in order to better advocate for people's rights. I have always been passionate about this cause, and I firmly believe that everyone should be treated with dignity and compassion. The SilverStay team has shown me what it means to truly care for others, and I am grateful for the opportunity to help those who are vulnerable in times of need."



Transitions Specialist

"I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 18 years of experience working with older adults and their families as well as many local community partners in the Maryland area. My background includes time working in Nursing Homes, Assisted Livings, Hospitals and Elder Care Management. I am so happy to be a part of SilverStay and to be able to help and support my clients as they make important decisions about transitions of their care."



Transitions Specialist

"I am a licensed social worker with 15 years of hospice and palliative care experience. At SilverStay I have the privilege of helping ease the transition to assisted living care during an often vulnerable and uncertain time in people's lives. The caring, talented professionals at SilverStay provide the knowledge and support needed to ensure safe, smooth transitions. Our services and guidance offer peace of mind."



Care Transitions Liaison

"I am a licensed Social Worker with 25 years experience in working in many difference clinical settings from hospital, long term care to hospice.  The philosophy I have followed coordinating end-of-life care for patients and their families is to treat everyone with the same dignity I would want for my own family.  I am beyond grateful to have found a home at SilverStay where I can match my experience with my compassion to provide both peace and comfort."



Care Transitions Coordinator

"I am passionate about making a difference and have dedicated 15 years to volunteering with non-profit organizations. Through volunteering, I’ve developed strong communication and teamwork abilities, alongside a deep empathy for others’ needs. I thrive in dynamic environments where attention to detail and effective communication are key. At SilverStay, I look forward to leveraging my passion for service to contribute to outstanding client transitions and operational excellence."

Karla Headshot.jpg


Software Product Manager

"We are introduced to families during an often chaotic and overwhelming time. I find joy in bringing some peace and calmness with our support and the resources we provide. I love that we are more than just a 'list of assisted living communities'. We help navigate every last detail of the transition, and that kind of support is priceless."



Chief of Staff

"Through our mission and our continued growth, the work that we're doing at SilverStay is improving care and increasing options for so many. Our team is truly exceptional and I can't wait to see what's to come."

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Chief Scientific Officer

"I have worked in healthcare research for over 15 years and have my PhD from Johns Hopkins University.  At SilverStay, we have created a data and analytic driven process backed by an unbelievable patient satisfaction team.  We are transforming health care one complex discharge at a time."

Patrick Headshot 1 copy.jpg


Chief Executive Officer

"I have a PhD in Aerospace Engineering, but have spent the majority of my career starting and building companies that make the world a better place. I started SilverStay after having cared for my dad. After his final hospitalization, when the hospital gave me a sheet of paper with 30 assisted living communities on it, I knew we could collectively do better than this, and SilverStay was born."

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